How does BetterMemo help me to remember more?

BetterMemo helps you organize the things you want to learn and calculates when it is the best time to review each of your notes. It gives the power of spaced repetition learning in the hands of people like you.

I can't find manual or help file. How am I supposed to learn how to use BetterMemo?

BetterMemo is a joy to use. We believe that you won't need anything else besides the Welcome tour, included in the software to understand and use it.

Of course, there are situations when you need additional information. You can email us for any further information.

What import features are included?

You can import notes from delimited text files (CSV) and Q:/A: text files.

Where is this feature?

If you know about something that might help people to remember more and better, while using BetterMemo, drop us a line and we will think about it.